Escrow Associates of San Gabriel Valley

2019 President Theme: “Be a pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside."

EASGV was formed in 1954 and was chartered as a regional association of the California Escrow Association in 1957. CEA is a statewide organization of professional escrow practitioners. The vision of the California Escrow Association is to both lead and support the escrow settlement services and real estate and financial industries through our commitment to the professional and personal growth of the escrow practitioner. The California Escrow Association was founded in 1956 and represents thousands of escrow officers and those individuals who support the escrow industry. The organization is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in escrow through continuing education and legislative advocacy.

2015 City of Hope Blood Drive

So what are YOU doing to celebrate Valentine's Day?

How about hanging out at the City of Hope on February 7th or 8th with your family members and friends and donating blood or platelets?

How many of your Escrow friends have been affected by cancer? This dread disease has touched all of us. You can do something really special to help the many victims fighting the battle at the City of Hope. You can be their lifeline. Who knows if you or someone close to you may be the next victim?

Donating Blood only takes less than an hour and donating Platelets about 2 hours.

You can schedule appointments online at:

and click on the February 7th or 8th or you can call the City of Hope Donor Center at 626.471.7171 to schedule your appointment for either blood or for platelets. Mention you are a participant of the 2015 5th Annual EASGV Blood Drive and they will handle the rest.

If you have any questions please call Dave Shean 818.517.3750